Five common mistakes.

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This is तुमचा blogger Aditya kadam back with another blog.

Intention of writing this blog is to share those mistakes which i made and lost People, Happy moments and so much from my life.

वो कहते है ना कुछ पाने के लिए कुछ खोना पडता है। Yes, कुछ वैसा ही, But I don’t want you to lose anything so here, i am sharing whatever i have learned from my mistakes.

1) Yes for everything.

It happens very often when we don’t want to go for hangout but very few of us manage to say NO. Others say YES being scared of reactions. I also made mistake of saying yes to everything by keeping aside my priority work. But eventually realized and corrected.

Because तुम आज हा बोलोगे, कल हा बोलोग चलो माना परसो भी बोलोगे but one day you will not have option of saying YES, तब क्या करोगे?

We should help others but it is ok to keep our interest first when needed.

Say NO when you want to, Let others respect your decision.

2)Wrong attitude.

Many of us do mistake of saying i can’t but very few ask, How i can ?

Attitude is very powerful weapon. Human with right attitude can achieve anything. What we think about ourself reflect in our attitude and attitude makes impact on confidence.

Losing confidence is like losing bodypart. No one will stay around us if we lose attitude and confidence. Some positive words daily with action and faith can help to build up strong attitude.

Chase your fear क्या होगा either you lose or you win. If won तो क्या बात but if lose तब तो और बढीया। You can enjoy the process again.

3)Emotional dependence.

Being a human being we share our emotions with others but when no one is around to share words then we turn alone. We run to find someone who can listen because no one wants to be alone as it is not our habbit.
Writing can pour out pain from heart and put it on paper. Writing whatever is going in your head can help to overcome.

4) Taking care of someone else business.

ये बहुत interesting है। Some people are made like उनको कितना भी समझाव they will listen once and then repeat same mistake again. We should not get into business of such people. Destiny is decided on karma. It is duty of a person to decide his own karma. Let them perform their duty.

5)Personal and social relationship.

At a certain stage of life we stuck in relationship issues. We make mistake of taking things seriously. Grudges among family and friends get sorted eventually but more we try to solve them more complicated it becomes. Such things end up with mental sickness. We give importance to not important people, We take them seriously.

Being part of society it is ok to think about people but जैसे मै केहता हू वैसे, ” सुनो सबकी लेकिन करो खुदकी “।

I am writing for those who are going to do mistake either today or tomorrow.
But I hope my words will pull them back from doing it.

❤❤Thanks for love and support❤❤

और, बाकी सब बढीया है। 😁😁

Craving for support?this is for you😀

Hello public, hope all are doing good !
This is tumcha blogger aditya kadam, back with another blog 😁😁

Today our parents and society want us to become Doctor, Engineer, MBA graduate ब्ला ब्ला ब्ला ….and secure safe job लेकिन अपन लोग जरा हटके है। अपन को बनना है ….Singer, Actor, Model, Dancer,Cinematographer, YouTuber, Writer, Poet, Sports man, Athlete. We wanna write our own story, Full of thrill and fun. but we can’t, क्यू ? क्यूकी फटती है हमारी। We are scared of reactions. And we also don’t know will others support to our decision of becoming Singer, Actor, Model, Dancer, Raper, Writer, Poet, Sports man, Athlete. लेकिन support toh चाहिए ही।

People who believe in us. Who belive in our qualities will definitely support us. But first we need to tell them what we wanna pursue.

We live in a culture where our parents get to know about our passion from someone else. We don’t tell them being scared of reactions.

“Great things can be achieved with support of loving people”

Achievers always thanks to people who supported them because they understand the importance of supportive people in life.

We also wanna become achiever some day and for that we can start building our support system from this moment.

First question we should ask is, Why do we support others?

We support because we trust them😀, We believe in them.🙂

But when it comes to us, we doubt on our capabilities & Don’t believe in ourself. Then how come others will believe and support us…..
“Langde ghode pr koi kyu paisa lagayega jab uske jeetne ke chances he na ho”😅

We can accept small responsibilities and take actions to clear self doubts. In school i was assigned with responsibility of class representative which helped a introvert boy to become extrovert and believe in himself.

We are own representative of our life so it is our duty to assign small responsibilities to ourself and completing it. Same time keep in mind, People are noticing our activities.

We have deal with self doubt issue now it is time to DISCO🤔…..heheheheh just kidding😁
Now we are full of confidence, Time for us to grab one opportunity and show one झलक.

झलक of what we wanna pursue. This झलक will create image in others eyes.

We would be lucky enough if no one oppose us. अहम् अहम् If you get what i mean 😅

Hey congratulations. Our झलक got attention🙌🙌

Next, We should start taking our own life decisions. Initially we won’t get allowed to take decision because so many elder people are there who don’t wanna see us in trouble. It can be taken as opportunity and start getting matured. We can Make them realized कि लडका/लडकि अब बडे हो गये है और चिंता का कोई विषय नही है! और ज्यादा बडा बनणे कि भी जरुरत नहीं है वरना शादी करा देंगे कह देते है। 😂

It will take time but one day they will support our decision and we will get some freedom to do what we love. This will be first time when someone will stand up for support. 👏👏

But ज्यादा फैलने कि जरुरत नही है। Go Slow.

Go slow because whatever we are doing is not understandable to others, Give some time to them, Let them adjust and understand new change. Soon they will stand behind for support.

Till then we can treat each and everyone with love and respect. We can build our image. Improve our network. We can Do What we love.

Now we have enough people for support. So अपना टाइम आ गया। We have enough people to support our journey and we are also ready to leave the world in thrill just like a magic.

Note – वक्त सबकी परीषा लेता है। So it becomes our responsibility to not losse such people in our good times who have supported us in our bad time.

बस इतना ही, बाकी सब बढीया है। 😁😁

Reminder for everyone🤗

Hello public, hope all are doing good !
This is tumcha blogger aditya kadam, welcome to my blogspot Helping myself.

I am here to share some lessons learned from life as well as from different sources. I am Sharing this with you so you can learn something from myself ! Hehehehe, just kidding ! We all knew the lessons but always forget when stuck in middle of something. My blog will remind you those lessons. so, let’s jump to first one.

1) Be thankful for what you have.

I use to feel like i dont have enough until i started looking around myself. Comparison makes us feel like we don’t have enough. So it is always good to stop comparing ourselves with others. We were just insulting ourself when we compare us with others. Evryone is unique and awesome so always cheer and respect yourself.

2) Believe in god.

Spiritual touch to human life is a blessing. Spiritual activities gives peace to mind and makes life happening. Small switch from virtual to spiritual can make a good impact on quality of life.

3) Add purpose.

We live in a world of impulse. Stocking others makes us feel like we would also do what others have done.

We do it for some time and give up on it, Ending up wasting time & energy.

It happens very often because we don’t ask one question before doing it. Why i wanna do this? Why do i want it? If you get the answer go for it. Sometimes you might not get the answer but you will save time and resources. Ask it often and explore the power of taking rational action.

4) Attitude matters.

I always believe that Attitude is everything. What we think about ourself reflects in our attitude. Our thoughts and perception has trimendous dominance over attitude.

Our selfesteem, confidence, communication skills, body language are dependent on attitude we carry. How others look at you doesn’t matters that much but what you feel about yourself matters alot. Always make feel yourself extraordinary. Treat yourself like a champ. No one will do this for you, Only you have to do it.

5) Be honest and loyal to yourself.

What could be worst than knowing the truth but hidding behind lie & fooling ourself rather than others. It happens very often when we know that we have loosed that time being comfort zoned which we were able to dedicate for productive work.
Accept when you have not given your 100 percent, when you have mistaken. Acceptance give us opportunity to improve and move on.

6)Think long term.

I emphasize so much on having long term vision. Great leaders, rulers, kings were possess with vision because they were having quality of thinking long term.most successful people always suggest to have long term vision. It helps to create plans,Back up plans, manage actions, goal setting,Time management, Skills development. Think ahead, Always be prepare.

7) Seek knowledge.

Instead of wasting time in repeating same mistakes we can get the permanent solutions from those people who have already gone through the journey. Journey which we gonna do now. We can find such people around us, In books, on social media platforms. Keep learning keep growing.

8) Become independent.

Being independent financialy gives a kind of mental satisfaction because no one can raise a finger on you. You are building your dream with lot of hardwork and patience. Secondly being independent emotionally.

Don’t do something by getting influenced by emotional drama and emotional blackmail. If you love it then do it. Hell with anyone else. Go chase your dreams.

9)Words does Matters.

Every single day we speak alot with ourself. These words becomes our action. Actions have reactions.
So keep saying good things to yourself you will get good reactions.

10) Optimistic approach.

I first get to know about optimism by Dr A.P.J. Abdulkalam &Mr.Dhirubhaui Ambani.

These great personality was having specs of optimism. Optimism taught us to scratch good side of worst thing.

Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai

Yeah ! This is it, Thanks for being here, See u soon with another blog. Hit follow button so you don’t miss next blog.

Thank You.

🙌 Spark of motivation 🙌


Hello readers!! All good? sab kuch badhiya? how you doing? all fine!! same here!! first things first, A big big thanks to all of you, thanks for your feedback, appreciation and love for my blogs. it feels so good when you read my blogs and appreciate my work, THANK YOU SO MUCH & let’s begin.
God has given us so much, but not everything, but ONE of the most important thing god has given, is human life. Life to inspire, Life to live for others, Life to share experience. So let’s start Celebrating whatever we have and we will work hard to achieve whatever we don’t have. It might be TOUGH & PAINFUL but not IMPOSSIBLE, someday we will make it.
We have one life to live and so much of work and responsibilities to be accomplish. Sometimes maintaining balance between our dreams & responsibilities becomes a critical job. Take it easy, Take your time. ask question to yourself that “what makes you happy”? people who love you, from bottom of their heart will always look forward for your happiness & No one get offended by your decision If You take responsibility of All OUTCOMES. Build trust about your decisions & opinions among all. Take actions because actions speak louder than words.
Situation and environment always does matters !! fight with situations & adjust, To change the environment & not to become part of that environment.
Sense of Understanding situation will grow gradually so please don’t let that thought of giving up surge in yourself. Sacrifice to achieve your goal but don’t sacrifice your goal. give your best. go for 100% don’t even stop on 99.99%

keep thinking about those factors that you can not control & you will end up being brOKen, Disturbed, Mentally Unstable, lost, Disappointed, Scared by Overthinking, Anxious, Guilty, ………………… & Much more, So Don’t ever do this stupidity.
what they can do for me? Why they haven’t did it for me? CAN BE REPLACED WITH what i can do for them? What are my responsibilities? How can i Improve myself?
Keep Working on strength until your weakness turns into your strength.
“Life is hard ,if you think it’s hard”!! “life is easy ,if you think it’s easy”.
Thanks for being there, you have been a great reader!! Please comment!! suggestions will be appreciated.
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😁Let sun rise with hopes😀

“Thanks for coming back & welcome to My diary” I haven’t written this blog only for those who are struggling with their habits but also for them who feels irritated, frustrated & become upset because of their habits. without wasting any time let’s begin.

Human brain always gives first priority for saving energy, To save more energy brain makes a pattern of regular task & put that task on auto mode to save maximum energy. Patterns made inside our brain makes our routine easy. We call those patterns, a habit.


What is formula 21? “Any activity performed for at least 21 days, Becomes a habit”. Don’t have trust on me? Go & challenge yourself for doing any one good activity for 21 days. “More efforts you put in & soon you will give up” Activities done Effortlessly, Become our habit. Let me ask you How often you check your mobile phone in a day? & How often you do exercise? More Efforts you put in to build habit, soon you will give up. This can be the major reason behind getting addicted to bad habits Instead of good ones.


Take example of phone. When Message arrive & sound of Notification tempt our mind to reply fast, Especially when message is from our crush. Notifications came, we replied and soon this Activity become frequent. Now you are done with it effortlessly for 21 days. So Congratulations now you are in a trap. Have you Observe “why do we swipe Left “& Right”, “Up & Down” on our phone screen for no reason!! There is a reason !!


Notification become Que, sending reply become routine, Experience and feelings become reward. Good experience means Good reward, It make us feel happy and energetic. scenario could be worst if we didn’t get our reward for which we were following Que and routine. we are habituated to rewards.


Eventually you understand, Every reward you are receiving right now will not remain with you forever, You are dependent on someone for your reward & non-fulfillment of rewards or fear of losing reward can make you angry. It may become frustration & irritation. It can affect self-esteem and confidence.


Don’t be so dependent on someone for happy rewards & experiences, “Life is yours, rules must be yours”. Explore life, Try something new, Go for creative work. Work on your self, learn whatever you like. Keep yourself busy. Do thrilling and crazy stuff.


Show courage to move on from one bad habit to another good habit. Replace bad one with good one. It will take time but not more than 21 days. Keep doing it. Do it Effortlessly. Make a list of bad habits you want to change with good ones. Become busy in doing productive work.


Overthinking, Impatiences attitude, Feeling bored, Finding excuses to do bad activities and giving reasons for not doing good activities. Don’t create hurdles for yourself by yourself. Control your mind to control your life. Learn Self control to overcome quickly from disaster situations of life.


Don’t let other people decide what you should Do & Don’t. Analyse, you find it good for you, your health & other people Then just go for it. Never get influenced by your friends and relatives on Bad habits. Life is beautiful when you have control of your life in your hand.


Different people with Different habits. Correlate habits with Que, Routine & Reward. Identify Which Que make you feel tempted to follow routine and take you to the next step of taking action. Avoid Que as much as you can.

I have taken help of “CHARLES DUHIGG’S” methodology FROM book named as “THE POWER OF HABIT” why we do what we do and how to change.

To understand better you can click here to watch a video on POWER OF HABITS.

Thanks for reading my blog, Do comment. Press like button if you like my blog. Till then Haste raho, aate raho!!!

☺Love for inanimate☺

when you loose to yourself! when nothing feels good! when, you lose trust from everyone! when no one stands with you! when your hearts screams, being broken! when, you feel alone in crowd! when,anxiety takes over your courageous mind! then and only then we experience inanimate love.

Broken hearts often turns to addiction, to get rid of mental pain but does it really works?does it really kill pain? not at all!! Addiction can not be a solution on any problem, it might creates new problems but it could not become a solution. So addictive things can not be considered here for inanimate love. So what i am talking about? wait,let me explain!

Fitness and books are one of my favourite inanimate ever. Whenever i feel upset or disappointed i do exercise and read books or any interesting article. what is your favourite inanimate? some people like to spend time with bikes some like to talk to mirror, some prefer to read, some turns to exercise others might hold pen to write. GYM,BOOKS, MIRROR,VEHICLES, OWN WRITTEN ARTICLES and so many unknown inanimate are just awesome.It makes us feel good and relaxed, these helps us to become a better version of Our-self and nourish our mind, body and soul by developing a better level of understanding.

Being human, we always admire change but doesn’t accept change very often. It always takes time to accept change. Just as, we stick to a personality, but eventually that personality change, we all understand change is basic phenomena of human life but still always struggle to accept new personality. This doesn’t happen with inanimate.They can not change themselves they can’t even speak, cry, laugh, fake their emotion, can’t lie & Eventually they become our sympathizer.

Whenever i feel confused or stuck in any situation, I read my own blogs. Reading my own blogs reminds me how long i has walked on, by dealing with problems, by crossing obstacles, After converting every odds in definite results. It remind me, of every fight which i lose before winning.

As per me everyone should have that one inanimate in daily life, because life and people, both are changing very fast. Problems that we can not share with anyone can be shared with our fevourite inanimate.

Talking to such inanimate might sound insane but trust me nothing can be as awesome as insanity.




I was going through some thoughts and that thoughts fascinated me so much. i hope the same for you. So Let’s begin.

Ever think, what others will think about me? Are you focused on tomorrow instead of focusing on today? ever said “I will do it tomorrow” or “I am waiting for the perfect time”, isn’t you? Continue reading if the answers are YES.

Why i am asking this questions, because to understand whats wrong outside, we have to find whats wrong inside. Why do we regret or contemplate our past so much !! As per my understanding reasons and excuses are a lot but i would like to take out only one. and that is failure of not taking actions!! opportunities will come from any way, you have to stay alert and optimistic to identify that opportunity. take action when you identify it, Don’t expect that same opportunity will come again and again, take action.

What others will think about me?, shall i take this opportunity because someone THINK it’s Good for me? Remember, Don’t give so much of importance to others over yourself. Because if anything went wrong then the same person who used to give you advice, will not take the responsibility of outcome. It happens very often when situation looks lavish, everyone fall on to get the credit but when situation went wrong same people will fall back and soon move on, leaving you in that filth of broken self esteem and low confidence. Next you end up criticizing yourself and cursing to the situation.

Nothing is wrong in taking advice and suggestions from others or from the elders, they have so much of experience than ours. Every person has its own lookout and prospective so if you went to 10 different people asking for advice everyone will suggest you different. It’s enough to make you confused. Seeking advice is not wrong but believing on it blindly is wrong.

Make your own action plan and work on it, concern your problems to those who have gone through that same situation in which you are stuck now. Become your own problem solver. Focus on solution rather than problem. Kill “DO IT TOMORROW” attitude. LIVE in TODAY not in TOMORROW. one last SUNO SABKI KARO KHUDKI !!

Let me ask you, If i say “today is the last day of your life and you gonna die tomorrow, do you have any wish”? YES!!

How do you behave or treat others, if you knows you are no longer available from tomorrow?

“would you criticize yourself for your past” today? or “you live your Dream life today”?

We are explorers, exploring shades of life, Everyday is a gift for us.

I am a common person, sharing my life experience. Feel free to comment on my post.

“Quoted from,Bhagwat Geeta”

😄Live life like a tree 😄

Hello, i hope all are doing great and enjoying their life and work. so shall we start? yes! Ok then ,we are going to talk about a tree, Nothing new, “we all know everything about a tree”,really? we know everything? Then why we Don’t live our life like a tree!!

Our story starts from our childhood ,being a sprout, being a kid we all spend our childhood in fun and happiness. All people do care for us and we grown up without any worry or anxiety, very much sheltered by our parents and family. Environment in our family,surroundings and friend circle Nourish our mind and soul. Better the environment better the conditioning of mind. Mind makes self-belief and self esteem based on environment. Always remember that flowers bloom in beautiful garden but thorny plants germinate in deserts. And no one will like to spend time in desert being alone.

Then after ,no longer we remain as a sprout and soon we become a sapling an adolescent. This stage of life is very interesting because every experience and feelings are new for us, never experienced before, very much overwhelm and enhancing. Here we always struggle to find and make our own place in circles and somehow we made it. Stage where we used to feel inferiority complex and criticized our-self so much of time for not being normal like others. At this stage we define our strength and weakness and grew more stronger by focusing on solutions rather than problems. We acquired the skill of learning.

Now We are at the starting stage of becoming a mature tree, with responsibilities by holding a kindle of wisdom, on a journey to fulfill our dreams and chasing our passion. Now we are matured enough to Understand the life.

What,a matured tree gives to us? food,shelter,medicines & etc. And what we can give to others? smile, helping hand, love, knowledge, feeling of generosity, courtesy, sharing of thoughts, laughter, entertainment, happiness, Feeling of being important, appreciation for good work, compliments, surprises, kind words and much more. And this tree will grow gradually higher and higher spreading and sharing awesome fruits to others, never expect anything back Because mature tree never act anything selfish, it just improves itself. and raise more higher.

I know whatever i said is just seems a perfect idealistic life span but at the end every person differs from each other and their lives too. this is the time when we can make our life better or destroy it, choice is ours, decisions made now, actions taken today will make you happy for rest of your life. Start living like a optimistic, you will experience the hidden charisma within you.



Love u all 😘


this blog is very straight and simple because it is about you ♥ , Hats off for your ♥love,appreciation,support,motivation,feedback’s and reviews. !! Now its my responsibility to deliver more content like this ,probably better than this!! It feels Sooo good when i read your comments and see your response towards my content, Trust me its way beyond happiness!!

there are so many people who don’t even know me personally but somewhere we are connected, Its your goodness and strong persona that you take some time out from your busy schedule for reading my blogs and giving feedback.

Appreciation works as a magic for everyone, if the magic is missing no one can continue their work. I can push myself because of that magic, and this magic belongs to you guys. Whenever you have found, my blog can be helpful for someone and you had share my blog with your friends and relatives it shows how beautiful you are from your heart and how beautiful mind you have !!


😅😅Is it secret or some principals 😅😅

Are you hungry for success ? Are you a knowledge seeker ? do you like to learn something new everyday? then this blog is made for you . but i will not give it to you for free. Because free things never create any value for success, you have to pay!! You have to pay your valuable time.

“THINK AND GROW RICH”, after reading this book i am feeling very much clear and sorted, because i got all that reasons behind every success and failures of mine, therefore i am sharing this with you. If i had read this book 2 years back then it would have brought me success by that time!

Author Napoleon Hill had spend 20 years to make this book worth for every success seeker, It is not about money its about the principles of success. you can google ‘THINK AND GROW RICH’ by Napoleon Hill, i am sure you will not get disappointed!! I can give you all the information about it but this book teach me that things given for free never creates any value.

But i would like to share summary of ‘THINK AND GROW RICH’

If anyone is intended to buy then i would suggest you to buy from flip-kart because i got it for 80+50 delivery= 130 rs. in offer. you can click here to buy.